(Author) Kateejung



‟Writing is something you do alone. It's a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it.” -John Green

named Cathlyn since 2000; born on May 25th; God’s child as always; an amateur writer; a Nyctophilia girl.

A Multi-fandom

starring EXO-L / Kamilia / SONE / fxstan.

Standing high for

KrisSica, YoonHun, LuYoon, KaiStal, SeolHyuk, KhunFany & MinStal.

F i n d  M e  O n

My Personal Social-media

Twitter @Lyomi_ Instagram @chanbakery Ask.fm @Cathlynw_

Personal WordPress here

Another Personal-accounts

Tumblr kim-ch0kies Fictionpress/Fanfiction.net Kateejung

Work as an Author at

Soneandelforever | INDO FANFICTIONS | SicaExo Fanfiction | Krissicaspot | YoongEXO

ExoShidae FF and Graphic | SHINee-EXO Fanfiction | High School Fanfiction


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