MAY 2013 – SEPTEMBER 2013


100 [Yoona & Luhan]


A Dumb Game [Yoona & Luhan]

A Long Day [Yoona & Chanyeol]

A Note [Yoona & Xiumin]

A Simple Word [Yoona & Lay]

After The Incident [Yoona & Luhan]

Alternate Ending [Yoona, Baekhyun & Chanyeol]

Am I Really Found You? [Yoona & Luhan]

Among The Snow [Yoona & Luhan]

And One [Yoona & Baekhyun]

As A Bouquet of Valentine’s Rose [Yoona & Kai]

Asleep [Yoona & Sehun]

[Sequel] A Long Day [Yoona & Chanyeol]


Baby, Don’t Cry [Yoona & Luhan]

Baby Blues [Yoona & Kai]

Bag [Yoona, Luhan & Sehun]

Beautiful Coincidence [Yoona & Luhan]

Because a Handphone [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Because of Basketball Into Love [Yoona & Luhan]

Because Your Kiss [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Behind the Hatred [Yoona & Sehun]

Best Friend is Best Love [Yoona, Baekhyun & Chanyeol]

Between [Yoona & Sehun]

Blind of Love [Yoona & Chen]

Boss [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Breathe [Yoona & Luhan]

Broken Vow [Yoona & Sehun]


Cafe [Yoona & Xiumin]

Call You Mine [Yoona & Kris]

Casa Di Juliette [Yoona & Luhan]

Christmas Eve [Yoona & Luhan]

Coffee Girl [Yoona & Sehun]

Cold Hearted [Yoona & Sehun]

Cooking! Mama [Yoona, Lay & D.O]

Cotton Candy Kiss [Yoona & Kris]

Count on Me [Yoona & Chen]


Don’t Go [Yoona & Luhan]

Daydream [Yoona & Luhan]

Don’t Leave Me [Yoona & Luhan]

Diamond Snow [Yoona & Luhan]

Different [Yoona & Xiumin]

Disturbance [Yoona & D.O]

Dad, Mom, and Book [Yoona, Kris & Jessica]

Dark Secret [Yoona & Chanyeol]


Ending [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Endless Love [Yoona & Luhan]

Endless Love [Yoona & D.O]

Even In My Dreams [Yoona & Luhan]

Everything has Changed [Yoona & Kai]

Ex~ [Yoona & Kai]


Fake Become Real [Yoona & Luhan]

Fallen Angel [Yoona & Luhan]

Fever [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Find Me [Yoona & Luhan]

First Impression [Yoona & EXO]

First Kiss [Yoona & Kai]

Florist Girl [Yoona & Suho]


Good Bye! [Yoona & Luhan]

Goodbye [Yoona & D.O]

Goodbye, My Love [Yoona & D.O]

Grenade [Yoona, Tao & Xiumin]

Goodbye Summer [Yoona & D.O]

Goodbye Day [Yoona, Kris & Luhan]

Guardian Angel [Yoona, Suho & Sehun]


Haru [Yoona & Sehun]

Haru Haru [Yoona & Sehun]

Hatred [Yoona & Sehun]

Have You Ever? [Yoona & Chen]

Heart [Yoona & Luhan]

Heart [Yoona & Luhan]

Heart is.. [Yoona & Luhan]

Hear Me [Yoona & Kai]

Heaven Knows [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Here’s, in My Heart [Yoona & Chen]

Here, There, Everywhere [Yoona & Luhan]

Hot and Cold [Yoona & Sehun]

How? [Yoona & Sehun]

Hurt [Yoona & Sehun]


I Don’t Know [Yoona, Sehun]

I Don’t Want It [Yoona & Sehun]

I Guess You Don’t Know [Yoona & Sehun]

I Hate You!! [Yoona & Luhan]

I Miss You [Yoona & Lay]

I Think I love You [Yoona & Baekhyun]

I Would [Yoona & Kai]

I Yah [Yoona, Chanyeol, Kris & Sehun]

I’ll Be Waiting [Yoona & Sehun]

I’m Blind Too [Yoona, Chen & Sehun]

I’m Drawing in My Mind [Yoona & D.O]

Idiot Couple [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Illa [Yoona & Xiumin]

Innocent [Yoona, Luhan, Sehun]

In That Snowy Day, I… [Yoona, Chanyeol, Sehun]

Irritable [Yoona & Sehun]

It’s Okay Even If It Hurts [Yoona, Luhan & Sehun]


Just You [Yoona & Sehun]


Katt [Yoona & Suho]

Kiss Kiss Kiss [Yoona & Kai]


Last Summer [Yoona & Sehun]

Life [Yoona & D.O]

Losing You [Yoona & Sehun]

Love [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Love? [Yoona & D.O]

Love You To Death [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Lucky [Yoona & Luhan]

Lucky! [Yoona & Sehun]


Messages [Yoona & Luhan]

Midnight [Yoona & Sehun]

Miss. Awkward and Mr. Cheerful [Yoona & Luhan]

My Love Diamond [Yoona & Luhan]

Memorable Night [Yoona & Kris]

Mine [Yoona, Sehun & Luhan]

Mwo?! Aegy?! [Yoona & Luhan]

Moment Bends: No Need To Wait Longer [Yoona, Chanyeol, Chen, Kai, Kris, Sehun]

My Queen [Yoona & Kai]


Never Late [Yoona & Suho]

Noona [Yoona, Baekhyun, Chanyeol]

Not A Painful Friendship [Yoona, Kris & Sehun]

Nugget [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Nunmul [Yoona, Luhan & Sehun]


Of Cyberspace And Li’l Brother [Yoona, Chanyeol, Suho]

[Side Story] Of The X [Yoona & Chanyeol]

One of A Kind [Yoona & Luhan]

One Soul [Yoona & Sehun]

One Word [Yoona & Sehun]

Only You [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Oyasumi [Yoona & Kris]


Promisiune [Yoona & Tao]

Password [Yoona & Sehun]

Portrait [Yoona & Kai]

Painkiller [Yoona & Suho]

Peter Pan [Yoona & Sehun]

Paperman [Yoona & Luhan]

Promise? [Yoona & Luhan]

Please Don’t [Yoona & Luhan]

Pabbo, Saranghae! [Yoona & Sehun]

Painkiller [Yoona & Sehun]


Rain [Yoona & Luhan]

Rain [Yoona, Kai & Kris]

Rare Plot [Yoona & Kai]

Reading Contest [Yoona & Luhan]

Really, I Didn’t Know [Yoona & Luhan]

Regret [Yoona & Sehun]

Reincarnation [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Relationship [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Remember You [Yoona & Luhan]

Right Next To You [Yoona & Sehun]

Ring [Yoona & Lay]

Rock Bottom [Yoona & Sehun]

Romantic Street [Yoona & Chanyeol]


Sad Love Song [Yoona, Luhan & Chanyeol]

Saranghae [Yoona & Luhan]

Sasaeng Fan [Yoona & Kris]

Save You [Yoona & Baekhyun]

School [Yoona & Tao]

Second Confession [Yoona, Chanyeol, Kai & Suho]

Shock [Yoona & D.O]

Sixth Sense [Yoona & Luhan]

Sleeping with My Lovely Girl [Yoona & Luhan]

Something [Yoona & Suho]

Station [Yoona & Sehun]

Storm [Yoona & Sehun]

Strawberry Kiss [Yoona & Sehun]

Stuck on You [Yoona, Kai, Sehun]

Sweet Memories [Yoona & Sehun]

Sweet Toxic [Yoona, Kai & Sehun]


Tell You [Yoona & Luhan]

Thank You for Loving Me [Yoona & Luhan]

That Should Be Me [Yoona, Sehun & Luhan]

That Umbrella [Yoona & Luhan]

That XX [Yoona & Chanyeol]

The Last [Yoona & Sehun]

The Mask [Yoona, Sehun & Kris]

The Second Life [Yoona & Baekhyun]

The Thief [Yoona & Baekhyun]

This Feeling… [Yoona & D.O]

This is.. [Yoona & Luhan]

This is Love or just Obsession [Yoona & Sehun]

These Tears [Yoona & Xiumin]

Ti Amo [Yoona, Kris & Sehun]

Time Out [Yoona & Baekhyun]

Together…With You [Yoona & Luhan]

Trapped In Your Arms [Yoona & Chanyeol]

Trust [Yoona & Luhan]


Unreadable Feeling [Yoona & Kris]

Unanswered Question [Yoona & Luhan]

Unstoppable Tears [Yoona & Kai]


Warm Embrace [Yoona & Xiumin]

When You Went Away [Yoona & Sehun]

Wolf [Yoona & Kai]

Wolf [Yoona & EXO-M]

What Hurt The Most [Yoona & Sehun]

With His Own Way [Yoona & Chanyeol]


Xi Siblings [Yoona, Luhan & Chanyeol]

XXX’s Return [Yoona & EXO]


Yoona, Neomu Yeppeo [Yoona, Luhan, Sehun, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai & Kris]

You [Yoona & Sehun]

You Are… [Yoona & Kai]

You Belong with Me [Yoona & Luhan]

You Who Came From [Yoona & Sehun]

Young And Free [Yoona & Baekhyun]